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Shiseido Company, Limited (Japanese: 株式会社資生堂, Hepburn: Kabushiki-gaisha Shiseidō, pronounced [ɕiseꜜːdoː]) is a Japanese multinational personal care company, that is a skin care, hair care, cosmetics and fragrance producer. It is one of the oldest cosmetics companies in the world. Founded in 1872, it celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2012. It is the largest cosmetic firm in Japan and the fifth la


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Exempleado - Asociado De Ventas says

"nada para compartir con la compañía habitual"

Exempleado - Ejecutivo De Cuentas says

"La vicepresidencia y la alta dirección carecen de habilidades para motivar e inspirar. Las amenazas y las tácticas de miedo se utilizan para gestionar a las personas. La microgestión es clave en esta empresa. Ningún cuidado o preocupación por los empleados que trabajan entre 12 y 15 horas al día. Muy pobre por todos lados."

Exempleado - Ingeniero says

"Manejo terrible y ambiente tóxico. Sin respeto por la calidad todo sobre el dinero"

Empleado actual - Empleado anónimo says

"- Nunca se hace nada - las personas son adversas al riesgo - Las divisiones están extremadamente aisladas"

Exempleado - Empleado anónimo says

"muy ocupado y la gente se quedaba en la oficina hasta tarde"

Empleado actual - Empleado anónimo says

"Los compañeros no son tan buenos"

ADV Export (Former Employee) says

"Procédures interminables avec SAP sous utilisé Turn over très important RH inexistant management déplorable"

Quality Assurance Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"They play the blame game here. No one takes responsibility for their actions. They will blame you instead. Go to management or HR about issues you're having with your boss, and they will write you up instead. They won't help you. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere."

Associate Manager Forecasting and Planning (Current Employee) says

"No team structure->responsibilities were overlapped by different people causing confusion on tasks. Lack of clear direction. No work/life balance-> stayed working extra -EXTRA- hours after business hours. There was no recognition whatsoever when putting your heart and soul into the project."

Freelance artist/ demo (Former Employee) says

"I was hired and constantly had to ask my manager for my schedule, and never ended up receiving the gratis i was promised, after a while they just ghosted me and never emailed me again for my schedule.nothingeverything"

Territory Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Good company. Would recommend it to anyone. No room for opportunity. great products on the market in all brands. Would highly recommend their products to anyone."

Brand Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"Be more attentive to all stores & employees! Be more attentive to all customers! Show them that you are there for them. So they trust you & you care !Stay focused on employees, show them you care, also every single client follow up, do events!the workers always talking to other employees on the job, They look bored, always say they wanna go home, Low staffed, No coverage, somehing is at, never any samples to give with a sale, never a call, ever for a replenishable item, thats why we are just shopping online & at ulta & sephora"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The executive management team is not trustworthy and don't care about employee development. The worst is HR. If you go to HR to say something in confidence, before you even get back to your desk HR has reported it to your immediate manager. There is blatant favoritism, and everyone sees it, but is afraid to speak up. If you don't walk around with a smile and pretend that everything is great, you will be removed.some free product, great peersTerrible Management"

Conditionneuse, machiniste et Agent administratif (Former Employee) says

"Belle entreprise qui reste relativement avantageuse, malgré des cadences élevées; ce qui pénalisent les conditionneuses au fur et à mesure des années car elles sont pour la plus part sur la voie de la maladie professionnelle (tendinites aux niveaux des bras).Environnement de travail agréablePossibilité d'évoluer au conditionnement à la tête du salarié et non à son travail, ils savent démotiver les salariés"

Export Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I ever had. Horrible people and cheap product. Shiseido could care less about the people that work there. Liars and thieves are used merchandiseno advancement"

Chef de Produit (Former Employee) says

"J'ai travaillé 4 ans chez Shiseido, et voici ce qui vous attends: - Horaires à rallonge, charge de travail toujours plus lourde - Absolument aucune reconnaissance pour le travail fournit - Hiérarchie très importante et aucune valorisation du travail des équipes - Aucune possibilité d'évolution ni d'augmentation de salaire - Politique RH pire que douteuse, aucune prise en compte de l'humain Shiseido se positionne comme leader sur le marché des cosmétique et communique des valeurs tel que le bien être mais les techniques RH et d'organisation sont déplorables et l'ambiance de travail au sein de groupe ne fait que de se dégrader depuis 2 ans: nombreux départs, arrêt maladies, burn out ...Image prestigieuse de groupe, collègues extraordinairesAucun possibilité d'évolution, politique RH déplorable, aucune reconnaisance, salaires bas"

Line Lead (Current Employee) says

"you are micromanaged and trained to fail. there is no training program or orientation or sop training, you just hope you are placed with the right person to train you. spanish is not mandatory for you to know, but that 99% of what is spoken on the line and by managers.its a jobhorrible management and systematic racism"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"If you like summer hours and free products 6 months that's all the perks you receive at this company. The company is Japanese and the president always come from Japan and don't understand the Canadian ways. The Directors and Executives are always trying to make themselves look good and have not clue what there workers overall jobs are on a daily basis. Very sneaky and not trustworthy.Summer hours/Free productsno room for movement very horinontal company you will not get anywhere."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"never was corporate and the DM on the same page, received no support or assistance from DM. store was not profitable, lack of shipment and product. no work life balance at all, never allowed to have weekends off."

ADV (Former Employee) says

"Une société avec un turn over sans limite et dans tous les services Supply Chain, Commerce, RH... Aucune considération et respect pour l’être Humain. Les managers manquent considérablement de compétence pour ce titre et fonctionne aux affinités et copinage pour l’évolution de carrière et bruit de couloir. L’image du bien être des employés ainsi que le savoir faire et vivre des employés et leur intégrité est bien connu dans toute l’IDF pour être médiocre et nauséabond !!!HoraireToute la vie en entreprise, l’incompétence, le manque d’objectivité du manager Supply Chain"

gestionnaire Service client International (Former Employee) says

"Contexte : fusion de BPI et Shiseido : travail intense horaires à rallonge et fatigue des salariés Procédures interminables avec SAP sous utilisé ils reçoivent les commandes sans reference SAP , à nous de les chercher , on passe notre vie a faire des CTRL C et des CTRL V Management à revoir , entreprise déroutante qui fait du bien être une de ses valeurs : DRH complice de cette situation du jamais vu !cantine, beau quartier, cadre sympa, équipe disponiblecharge de travail énorme et management déplorable"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"the worst place i've ever worked for. management is overworked and stays late EVERY night ...its expected you stay late too..if you don't you will never catch up with the work, every day more things get added. and you don't have a moment to breathe or to be trained properly so you don't have to constantly re do your work. that's a typical day. Re doing your work multiple times since no one can train you properly. team work? what teamwork..managers do the work of coordinators and coordinators do the work of managers...people constantly go on sick leave...or just keep getting pregnant. not to mention they demote management too if they don't makeup, lots of free foodlong hours, no teamwork, no proper training"

Attachée commerciale (Former Employee) says

"Management zéro Très belle marque mais qui traite ses salariés comme des numéros"

Responsable formation France (Former Employee) says

"Une entreprise très mal organisée et très mal structurée. Aucunes bienveillances ni accompagnements. Aucune fiche de poste !"

Sales and Training Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"No options for growth. They will continue to add to your responsibility with no options for growth or training for advancement. Sell In channels miss their marks and affects your bottom line for plan achievement."

Supervisor/Lead (Current Employee) says

"The culture is extremely toxic and, the Co is fine with it. Management has true disconnect with the employees and the reality of the work environment..It is good to know that's not a place you want to spend any significant time at.Anything you think could be wrong with Management, is!"

Ledi Rosi says

"Very disappointed from shiseido customer service and shiseido itself. After purchasing twice my gift sets, they Once again cancelled my order after confirming it. Although both gift sets have been in-stock for the last 10 days. I am running out of my face creams and cannot afford to have them full price, that is why I purchased them during Black Friday. I have sent them an email, but no reply from them for the last 7 days. I have also tried to write to them on Instagram, but have received no reply from them yet. I hope someone would apologise for this and offer some help in return."

Jiamei says

"Worst customer service ever I place the order on 11th Oct, as of today: 21st Oct, this order is not yet despatched. I emailed the customer service on 19th Oct, all I receive is to ask me to check order status online. Called them today again as I am running out of my serum. Eliza from customer service telling me there is nothing they can do, they don't know the despatch date, they can't cancel the order, all I am advised to do is to wait. Unbelievable, this is absolutely the worst customer service, I can't even cancel the order so I can buy something else. Be aware the 5 working days delivery time is not including the so called ‘processing time'. The below is the response I received from their so called supervisor after 3 emails and 2 days of calling: As mentioned previously, we have no way in cancelling the order and assure you that we will get back in touch once we have any relevant information from the warehouse. We are working very hard to satisfy all our customers and appreciate your patience and kind understanding during this special time. We wish you a lovely day ahead. Kindest regards, Eva Consumer Care Supervisor I tried to post this review on Shiseido UK website, I was just told they can't publish my review. They sensor any negative review by their own customer even when it's absolutely true reflection of the event! Don't buy from this company, you will end up with high blood pressure and a hole in your pocket!"

customer says

"“” I am very disappointed I'm incredibly disappointed with the ShiseidoUK customer service. I received a damaged/faulty packaging/product. As soon as I noticed I called the customer service and they were rude unhelpful and made me feel very uncomfortable with their judgemental questions. I initially simply just wanted a replacement for the faulty item but I was told that it was not possible as they would need to carry out an internal investigation and I would have to wait for at least 2 weeks and also go through so many military style procedures! I expected more of an effort when the error is of the company. Errors do happen, and I completely understand that, I absolutely love the products and have been using them for over 2 years but I am very disappointed in the customer service handling my initial enquiry. I normally purchase shiseido products in store such as John Lewis, Debenhams, but with being incredibly busy at work due to COVID, I thought ordering online would be the best option from their own website as well. It's frustrating as I expected a better customer service. It's sadly now given me a very bad impression on the company, which is unfortunate as I am a huge fan of the products but I will find/use another brand moving forward. What a shame! ””"

J says

"Never order from - their customer service is non-existent and they refuse to respond to inquiries promptly, if at all. Encounters with customer service agents like Brandi Isham were so shockingly unprofessional and disrespectful that I’ll never buy directly from them again."

Nicole says

"I made multiple purchases with different companies between May 13 and May 16. One item is in back order and this order (from Shiseido) hasn’t shipped as of today (May 30). I sent two emails asking for an update. My first email was ignored and I never got a response. I sent another email four days later and finally got a response two days later. I was told my order was received, is in process and I’ll receive an email when shipped. The problem is no one seems to know when it’ll ship or even have an estimated delivery date. My order seems to be just sitting in their system. I have no idea if or when I’ll receive this order. I have no estimate delivery date so I can’t even go based on that. I have an order coming from the UK and i ordered that item days after this Shiseido order and it’s already in transit and it was ordered from a very small store with only a handful of employees. Since they (Shiseido) hadn’t shipped my order, I asked to cancel it. Why should I pay for an order I hadn’t received and doesn’t seem to be on its way? Below is the response I received. “I am sorry, but once an order is placed online we don't have the ability to cancel an order. We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee on orders once they are delivered. If you no longer wish to keep this order, please use the complimentary return label that is included with your order to return. Once the return is received in our warehouse it may take up to 10 days to process the return and 1-2 billing cycles to see on your statement. I am sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause. Please let us know if you have any other concerns. Best regards, Sheri” After I receive I can return it and wait nearly two weeks for a refund? No, thank you. I want to cancel it because I haven’t received it. Why bother returning it when I get it? I’m sorry, but this is unacceptable. The website doesn’t say anything about not being able to cancel only to contact support for assistance and I got zero assistance. I understand everyone is freaking out about covid but that’s no excuse. If orders can’t be shipped in a timely fashion, then you need to keep your business closed. This is the ONLY place I’ve ordered from that’s help my order hostage. What’s the hold up? Limited staff? Backordered products? Out of stock? Any of those reasons I would’ve understood, but avoiding giving me an answer is what has me extremely angry to the point I will never purchase from this company again nor will I purchase their products elsewhere...which is what I had planned to do once the order was cancelled. I won’t do that now. Shiseido needs to re-evaluate how they’re processing and shipping orders, provide customers something of a time frame or an exact reason for taking nearly three weeks to ship, and give the ability to cancel an order. Update: 14:17 May 30, 2020 An email just came through that my order has shipped along with a tracking number and estimated delivery date. Still disappointed that I couldn’t get this information from customer service. I’m changing the rating from one star to three star since the email included the tracking and estimated delivery date." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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